Tirec Equestrian Surfaces, a division of Tirec Ltd.

About Tirec Ltd.

We are a UK tyre recovery and recycling solutions company. We specialise in the collection, segregation, recycling & disposal of post consumer tyres.

Our business is the recycling of tyres into a reusable product. We collect tyres or arrange for the transportation of tyres to our facility. We’re a nation-wide tyre collection focused on the Birmingham area. We process tyres into equestrian surfaces.


About Tirec Equestrian Surfaces

Fine quality rubber chip, produced by processing tyres through a multi-stage operation designed to remove the steel from a tyre, and to reduce the tyre material to a 22mm crumb.

The tyre crumb is used for equestrian surfaces such as ménage, gallops, exercise pens and other applications.

The crumb we produce is 99% steel free by volume. This is our premier product.